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James Hunter
Apr 23 1813 (Scotland) - Oct 1 or 4 1884 (Rockport, Atchison County, MO)
Buried in Elwood Cemetery, Rockport, Atchison County, MO
Father: Robert Hunter
Mother: Jennet (Janet) Carr (Kerr)?
Married Elizabeth McKay on Mar 3 1840 in Annapolis, Nova Scotia
Daughter: Jennet "Jennie" K Hunter? (1852)
Son: John Walter Hunter (1857)
Son: William Hunter II? (1845)
Daughter: Isabel Hunter? (1844)
Son: George L Hunter? (1854)
Son: James Alexander Hunter (1848)
Son: Robert Hunter (1841)
Daughter: Anna Jane Hunter (1859)
Daughter: Una J Hunter (1861)

Arrived in Nova Scotia in 1821 with his parents and brother William. He worked as a farmer there.
Arrived in Atchison County, MO in 1846 with his wife
Farmed a 500 acre plot in Atchison county, section 16, township 64, range 4, except for during
the year of 1849, during which time he mined in California for about one year.

He served as a member of the County Court of Atchison County for 11 years and belonged to the local Masonic fraternity.

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