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James Alexander Hunter
Aug 16 1848 (Clay, Atchison County, MO) - Nov 28 1933 (Atchison County, MO)
Burial site unknown
Father: James Hunter
Mother: Elizabeth McKay
Married Amanda Graves on Feb 29, 1876
Son: Owen A Hunter (1877)
Son: Basil Perry Hunter (1889)
Son: James Don Hunter (1881)
Daughter: Beulah Hunter (1887)
Daughter: Zetta? (1879)

At age 18 he moved to Macon County and entered McGee college. After 3 years he completed school and began teaching for one year. In fall of 1872 he began to study medicine in Rock Port under Dr. J.L. Tracy, attending lectures at St. Louis Medical College during the winters of 1873 and 1874. He graduated from St. Louis Medical College in February, 1875 and moved to Milton, in Atchison County, MO, where he practiced until the fall of 1881, at which time he moved to Fairfax, MO. He attended lectures at Bellevue Hospital College in New York and received a degree from the school. During WWI he served on the medical advisory board. He was a member of the local Masonic fraternity.

Was a Republican and attended Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

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