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Robert Hunter
Dec 21, 1841 (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Canada) - ?
Father: James Hunter
Mother: Elizabeth McKay
Married Charlotte E Buckham? in 1868.
Daughter: Ella Hunter?
Daughter: Drusa V Hunter?
Daughter: Lula R Hunter?
Daughter: May Hunter?

Settled in Atchison County, MO with his parents in 1847 and attended a log cabin school.

Opened a general store in Rock Port with E.L. Clark in 1864 and became one of the wealthiest
and most popular men in Atchison County.

Owned a home with 170 acres in Rock Port which was one of the largest houses in town, built
for a cost of eleven thousand dollars.

He did not attend church services.

In 1867 he was made a Master Mason in North Star Lodge, No. 157, in Rock Port.
Was also a member of Zerubbabel Royal Arch Chapter.

Was a life long Republican and liberal, casting his first vote for Abraham Lincoln.


  The History of Holt and Atchison Counties, Missouri, 
  National Historical Company, 1882, p. 696-697.
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