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Stephen Hopkins
About 1578 (probably Hampshire, England) - Between June 6 and July 17 1644 (Plymouth, MA)
Buried Aug 20 1644 in Plymouth, MA
Father: Nicholas Hopkins
Mother: Mary Poore? (Poole)
Married Mary ? before 1604, probably in Hampshire, England
Daughter: Elizabeth Hopkins (1604)
Son: Giles Hopkins?
Daughter: Constance Hopkins
Married Elizabeth Fisher? on Feb 19 1617 or 1618 in at St. Mary Matfellon Church, Whitechapel, Middlesex, England
Son: Oceanus Hopkins? (1620)
Son: Caleb Hopkins? (1622)
Daughter: Deborah Hopkins? (~1625)
Son: Damaris Hopkins? (After 1627)
Daughter: Ruth Hopkins? (1629)
Daughter: Elizabeth Hopkins (1630 or 1631)

Stephen Hopkins DID NOT marry Constance Dudley, as has been claimed. This claim has been disproven

Stephen Hopkins had been to America prior to his arrival on the Mayflower.
In 1609 he arrived on the Sea Venture, a ship which was headed to Jamestown,
but left its passengers marooned on an island due to a hurricane. 150
passengers were stranded on this island for 9 months. Stephen Hopkins led an
uprising, challenging the authority of the governor on this island, and
received a death sentence, but was pardoned. Eventually, a ship was built
and they made it to Jamestown, but Hopkins returned to England between 1613
and 1617.

When he returned to America, Hopkins brought his wife Elizabeth, their son
Damaris, and his children from his first marriage, Giles and Constance.
Elizabeth gave birth to their son Oceanus while the Mayflower was at sea.

In 1636, Stephen Hopkins was fined for the battery of John Tisdale, in
1637 he was found guilty of allowing men to drink on Sunday in his house,
and in 1638 he was fined for not dealing fairly with an apprentice-girl,
Dorothy Temple. He also had many other minor charges against him

He served as Assistant governor from 1933-1936 and volunteered to fight in the Pequot War in 1637.

The will of Stephen Hopkins reads as follows:

---- The last Will and Testament of Mr. Stephen Hopkins exhibited upon the Oathes of mr Willm Bradford
and Captaine Miles Standish at the generall Court holden at Plymouth the xxth of August Anno dm
1644 as it followeth in these wordes vizt.

The sixt of June 1644 I Stephen Hopkins of Plymouth in New England being weake yet in good and
prfect memory blessed be God yet considering the fraile estate of all men I do ordaine and make
this to be my last will and testament in manner and forme following and first I do committ my body
to the earth from whence it was taken, and my soule to the Lord who gave it, my body to b eburyed
as neare as convenyently may be to my wyfe Deceased And first my will is that out of my whole
estate my funerall expences be discharged secondly that out of the remayneing part of my said
estate that all my lawfull Debts be payd thirdly I do bequeath by this my will to my sonn Giles
Hopkins my great Bull wch is now in the hands of Mris Warren. Also I do give to Stephen Ruth and
an yearelinge heiffer wth out a tayle in the keeping oing unto my said sonn aforesaid all my Right
title and interrest to my house aions parts or porcons legacies or whatsoever doth appertaine to
the fullfilling of this my will It is also my will that my Executr & Supervisor shall advise
devise and dispose by the best wayes & meanes they cann for the disposeing in marriage or other
wise for the best advancnt of the estate of the forenamed Deborah Damaris Ruth and Elizabeth
Hopkins Thus trusting in the Lord my will shalbe truly prformed according to the true meaneing of
the same I committ the whole Disposeing hereof to the Lord that hee may direct you herein

June 6th 1644

Witnesses hereof By me Steven Hopkins

Myles Standish

William Bradford

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