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Constance Hopkins
About 1607 (England) - Oct 1677 (Eastham, Barnstable, MA)
Buried in Orleans, Barnstable, MA
Father: Stephen Hopkins
Mother: Mary ?
Married Nicholas Snow III on May 22 1627 in Plymouth, MA
Daughter: Mary Snow? (~1630)
Daughter: Sarah Snow (~1632)
Son: Joseph Snow? (~1634)
Son: Stephen Snow? (~1636)
Son: John Snow? (~1638)
Daughter: Elizabeth Snow? (~1640)
Son: Jabez Snow? (~1642)
Daughter: Ruth Snow? (~1644)
Daughter: Constance Snow? (~1646)
Son: Mark Snow? (1628)

Constance Hopkins came over on the Mayflower with her father Stephen Hopkins, her stepmother
Elizabeth, her half-brother Damaris, and her brother Giles. Her half-brother Oceanus was born
while the Mayflower was at sea.

A scan of her original baptism record is in the image archives and it reads: "undecimo de May
Conancia filia Steph. Hopkins fuit baptizata" (11th day of May, Constance, daughter of Steph.
Hopkins was baptized)

Constance Hopkins - Baptism Record
Constance Hopkins
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