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Moses Inscho
1796 (Sussex (now Warren) County, NJ) - 1837 or 1839 (probably Kendall County, IL)
Burial site unknown
Father: Probably Samuel Inscho
Mother: Probably ? Unk
Married Jane Holt on Jan 24 or 29 1812 in Knox, Ohio
Son: John Inscho (~1817)
Daughter: Charity Inscho (1818)
Son: Thomas Inscho (1819)
Son: Ervin H Inscho (1830)
Son: David Inscho? (unknown)
Daughter: Jane Inscho? (unknown)
Child: Tracy Inscho? (unknown)
Daughter: Harriet Inscho? (unknown)

Moved to New Haven township in Huron County, OH from Knox County, OH in about 1815.
Moved to Illinois.

May have been one of the first settlers of Ripley Township, Huron County, OH,
in 1825 or 1826. Two Moses Inschos in Ohio make this a bit confusing.

A Moses Inscho supposedly built the first stagecoach inn in Little Rock,
Kendall County, IL in about 1838. It was called Inscho Tavern.

"Mrs. Jane Holt Inscho in Hiram County reported that often the natives would stop
at her cabin with venison and exchange it for wheat bread. They would fire their
guns three times to signal their approach, and they would stack their guns in front
of the cabin to denote peace and safety."
-p. 9 of Booth's book "Buckeye Women", Ohio University Press

Multiple Moses Inschos in the Ohio area at this time causes some confusion.
This Moses Inscho is probably NOT the same Moses Inscho who married Adah/Adath
Preston in Licking County Ohio in 1838, as Jane Holt appears to have still been
alive at this time.

This one is probably not the son of the Obediah Inscho listed in many genealogies.

The correct Moses Inscho is also listed in one record as Moses Enslow.

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