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Jane Holt
Sep 18 1796 (PA) - May 25 1849 (Oswego, Kendall County, IL)
Burial site unknown
Father: ?
Mother: ?
Married Moses Inscho on Jan 24 or 29 1812 in Knox, Ohio
Son: John Inscho(~1817)
Daughter: Charity Inscho (1818)
Son: Thomas Inscho (1819)
Son: Ervin H Inscho (1830)

Possibly married Stephen Ashley on June 14 1841 in Kendall County, IL

Jane Holt was a very common name, so who her parents were may remain a mystery.

"Mrs. Jane Holt Inscho in Hiram County reported that often the natives would stop\\ at her cabin with venison and exchange it for wheat bread. They would fire their
guns three times to signal their approach, and they would stack their guns in front
of the cabin to denote peace and safety."
-p. 9 of Booth's book "Buckeye Women", Ohio University Press

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