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Maggie Bell Henson
Jul 21 1900 (Braggs, Muskogee County, OK) - Sep 18 1984 (Cushing, Payne County, OK)
Burial site unknown
Father: Johnnie D Henson
Mother: Annie Alvira Blankenship?
Married John W Wood March 10, 1917 in Sapulpa, Creek County, OK.
Stillborn child: (Dec 1917)
Stillborn child: (~1918)
Son: Cecil Travis Wood (1919)

Married Birdy Wood? on Mar 11 1922 in Sapulpa, Creek County, OK
Child: Infant Woods (born and died Feb 9 1923 in Sapulpa)
Daughter: Inez Goldie Woods? (1924)
Daughter: Anna Marie Woods? (1930)
Daughter: Junevie Woods? (1933)
Son: Carl Eugene Woods? (1942)

John W and Bell Henson Wood
John W and Bell Wood
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