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William Hunter
Feb 21 1805 (Scotland) - ?
Burial site unknown
Father: Robert Hunter
Mother: Jennet (Janet) Carr (Kerr)?
Married: Elizabeth Ouschaw? in 1839 in Indiana
Son: Robert T Hunter?
Son: John H Hunter?
(6 children total)

Came to Nova Scotia in 1821 with parents and brother. Traveled through Maine, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylania before settline in Baltimmore, where he was a distiller for 2 years. He moved to Dayton Ohio and was a distiller for 3 years. He moved to Lafayette, Indiana and worked in the livery business for 2 years, before moving to Missouri. He lived in Buchanan County for one year, then settled in Atchison County in 1841 and became a farmer, living on section 9, township 6, range 41. The estate was approximately 900 acres in size.

In Atchison County, William served as a justice of the peace for eight years and served as a member of the county court for seven years.

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