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William Walker
1620 (England) - 1703 (Eastham, Barnstable, MA)
Christened on Jan 16, 1620 in Radcliffe, Lancashire, England
Burial site unknown
Father: William Walker
Mother: Probably N. Clark
Married: Sarah Snow on Jan 25 1654 or 1655 in Eastham, Barnstable, MA
Daughter: Sarah Walker II? (1662)
Son: William Walker III (1657)
Son: William Walker IV? (1659)\\ Son: Jabez Walker? (1668)
Daughter: Elizabeth Walker? (1664)
Son: John Walker? (1665)

William Walker appears to have come to Massachusetts on the Elizabeth, which set sail from London in April of 1635.

William appears to have had a sister and a daughter, both named Sarah Walker, who seem to be
confused for one another in some records. His sister appears to have been the one to marry
Nathaniel Warren whereas his daughter married Benjamin Lombard/Lumbart.

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