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Silas Inscho/Insko Male
1852 (Deer Creek Tnsp, Miami County, IN) - May 14 1931 (Estevan, Saskatchewan)
Burial site unknown
Father: John Inscho
Mother: Alvira Delano
1st Marriage to Florin "Flo" Durban? on Dec 7, 1879
Son: Jack Insko
Son: Walter Insko
Son: Thurlow Insko
Daughter: Mable Insko?
2nd Marriage to Nellie Amanda Eaton?
Son: Alva Insko?
Son: Otto Insko
Daughter: Nina Insko
Son: Eaton Insko
Son: Stanley Insko
Son: Amasa Insko?
Son: Howard Insko

Held teaching certificates from Fremont County, Iowa.
Lived in Harlan, Nebraska right before he moved to Canada.

Spelling changed from Inscho to Insko due to immigration to Canada in 1902 or 1903.
Even the children still in the U.S. changed spelling around this time.

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