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Sarah Walker
1622 - Nov 24 1700 (Plymouth, MA)
Christened Nov 10 1622 in St. Olave, Southwark, Surrey, England
Burial site unknown
Father: William Walker
Mother: N. Clark
Married: John Tisdale? in 1640
Married Nathaniel Warren? on Nov 19 1645 Plymouth, MA
Son: Richard Warren? (1645 or 1646)
Son: Jabez Warren (1646 or 1647)
Son: John Warren (1663)
Daughter: Mercy (Merey) Warren (1658)
Daughter: Hope Walker? (1651)
Son: Nathaniel Warren (1661)
Daughter: Alice Warren (1656)
Daughter: Sarah Alice Warren (1649)
Daughter: Elizabeth Warren (1654)
Son: James Warren (1665)
Daughter: Mary Warren (1651)
Daughter: Jane Warren (1652)

Sarah Walker is sometimes incorrectly identified as the daughter of William Walker Jr. and Sarah\\ Snow. This is impossible due to the dates and locations of birth for herself, her parents, and her
children. She simply can not be older than her mother, 2 years younger than her father, and born
on the opposite side of the Atlantic from which her mother spent her entire life. Therefor, it\\ seems most likely that she was the daughter of William Walker Sr. Additionally, there is record
of a Sarah Walker being aboard the Elizabeth in 1635, when William Walker Jr. arrived. Although\\ transcriptions of the ship's passenger list seems to indicate that this Sarah Walker was 17 years\\ old in 1635, in the actual passenger list, the number 7 (with a line through it) may in fact be a
poorly drawn 3. If this is the case, she was a servant of Jonathon Browne and William Bracey.

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