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Philippe De Lannoy (Delano, De La Noye)
Dec 7 1602 (Leyden, South Holland, Netherlands) - Dec 19 1681 (Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA)
Christened on Nov 6 1603 in Walloon Church, Leyden, South Holland, Netherlands
Burial site unknown
Father: Jean De Lannoy
Mother: Marie Le Mahieu (Lemahi)
Married: Hester Dewsbury on Dec 19 1634 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA
Son: Jonathan Delano (1647 or 1648)
Son: John DeLanoye (1644)

Married: Mary Pontus in 1657 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA.

Philippe De Lannoy arrived in Plymouth, MA on Nov 9, 1621 on the Fortune

Hester and Phillipe had many children

Oddly enough, tPhilippe and Hester had two sons with similar names, Jonathan and John, and I am descended from both of them.

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