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Oren David Van Vacter
Feb 25, 1901 (Princeton, MO) - July 10, 1956 (San Bernardino, CA)
Father: Isaac Van Vacter?
Mother: Minnie Agnes Covey?
Married: Vivian Juanita Parker on Jun 8, 1919 in St. Joseph, MO.
Daughter: Vivian Beatrice Van Vacter (1920)
Daughter: Dorothy Darline Van Vacter (1922)
Son: David Freeman Van Vacter? (1924)
Son: Donald Oren Van Vacter? (1925)
Son: William Albert Van Vacter? (1928)
Daughter: Marjorie Cecelia Van Vacter? (1930)
Son: Robert Eugene Van Vacter? (1931)
Son: Richard Ronald Van Vacter? (1933)
Daughter: Ruth Ann Van Vacter? (1936)
Daughter: Juanita Louise Van Vacter? (1938)
Son: Douglas Oliver Van Vacter? (1943)

When he was 9 years old, Oren's parents decided to move from Princeton, MO to Kansas, in order to
find work. However, his father got sick during the trip and they ended up stopping in St. Joseph,
Missouri, after his father was diagnosed with bowel cancer. They returned to Princeton, where the
boys helped their mother wash and deliver laundry, but at age 17, Oren moved back to St. Joseph
with his brother Oliver, where they worked at a meat packing house.

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