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Almira Delano
Oct 14 1817 (Knox County, OH) - Sep 13 1906 (Argos, Marshall County, IN)
Buried Sep 16 1906 in Washington Cemetery, Culver, Marshall County, IN
Father: Stephen Delano Jr.
Mother: Lovina Lavinia Smith
Married: John W Harris? on Nov 18 1835 in Sparta, OH
Daughter: Alvira Jane Harris? (1838)
Son: Richard Logan Harris? (1844)
Son: John Wesley Harris? (1842)
Daughter: Sarah Lavina Harris? (1840)
Daughter: Almira Victoria Harris? (1850)
Daughter: Mary Mariah Harris? (1846)
Son: Alexander Winfield Harris? (1852)
Son: Alfonzo Delano Harris? (1857)
Son: William Sherman Harris? (1836)

Almira is the twin sister of Alvira Delano

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